Maiden voyage

I know it’s about the technique, not the equipment, but when we saw this Le Creuset on a really deep discount at an outlet (first quality, but discontinued color) we decided to splurge a little.

A new pot is like a science experiment

Today it’s on its maiden voyage, cooking a braised pork recipe we like.

Janet’s cooking it, and I’m hovering. Well, not looking over her shoulder, exactly, but from my seat in the living room I see her pick up a whisk.

“You can’t use that,” I say. “You’ll scratch the bottom.” She puts down the whisk for a wooden spoon.

Can you use metal tongs? I look it up. Yes, if you’re careful.

Is it browning correctly? Vegetables and wine pick up the brown bits on the bottom? Yes, and yes.

How will it clean up? When it’s dry, will I put the little rubber clips back on so that the top doesn’t scratch?

Just thinking about it is exhausting. Jeez, if I’d ever had kids I’d probably be a grease spot by now.

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