The Meat is Gone, But the Memories Linger On

The house is clean, I’m back to focusing on the company’s work, which I love to do. The rented chairs are gone, the tree that got hit by lightning on Friday is gone, the stump to be ground tomorrow.

There is at least one more night’s worth of leftover barbecue, and a good amount of potato salad.

And tonight I’m here to tell you that when the last bite of it has been eaten, the memory of the way people ate and laughed and enjoyed themselves Saturday in the sunlight and twilight of our back yard will warm our winter.

And today I found a surprise on YouTube that will make me happy for years: a video taken by our friend, Roseann Treloar, of Paul Caluori and Steve Kaplan playing “If I Only Had a Brain,” their first song at the party.

It’s here:, and it makes me smile.

Roseann took my favorite photo of me, at the Salute to Meat a few years ago.

Headless David 2

My favorite photo of myself, taken by Roseann Treloar.

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